A Freudian Love Story

Breaking down the debut studio album by Daniel Caesar

man climbing steep summit in Freudian album cover
Freudian album cover

Daniel Caesar is the epitome of “baby-making” music. Every song is a reminder of the unrequited love we all ultimately seek in our plight for “the one”. In his debut album Freudian, Caesar created one of the best love albums I’ve ever heard and continue to be enamored by. Read further to see how this album turned out to be a classic in the modern soul/R&B genre.

Thankful For You

The first two songs of Freudian capture the feeling of being completely and utterly in love. “Get You”, the first song on the album, is an introduction to the artist’s love interest. Caesar considers himself supremely lucky to have captured the attention of this person and questions who would’ve thought he would get them. Combine this with the sexual encounters these partners have had and it seems they are meant for each other — destined to be. This song