A Letter To Modern Music Analysis

Dear readers and writers of Modern Music Analysis,

I joined Medium in December of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. As many did at the time, I needed an outlet for creative expression and maybe a little extra cash on the side. Initially just writing okay poetry, I had little idea of what would come with time. My first piece, about The Weeknd, was the spark-plug for what would become the Modern Music Analysis publication. One day in January, I finally decided to make the seedling of an idea I had for a publication come to fruition.

I had my apprehensions at first: would anyone bother reading? What’s the point? Can I even do this? At first, things started really slow. Trying to navigate an unfamiliar website and being in charge of every aspect of a “business” was frustrating. Having to create a logo, color scheme, mission statement, purpose, and a derivative motivation took a lot of perseverance. At some points, I was fueled by spite. But patience eventually came as the views started to come along with writers for the publication. A lot of our traffic came from reviews on the latest albums, usually covered by one of the editors. After Hours, Call Me If You Get Lost, The Off Season, The House Is Burning, Happier Than Ever, Donda, Certified Lover Boy, The Melodic Blue, and LP! were all big successes and some of the best albums of the year.

I still remember extending the invitation to my first writer, Mark Chinapen. I just searched up the music tab and found an analysis of one of my favorite albums, To Pimp A Butterfly. This piece was the epitome of my vision for MMA. I honestly owe a lot of my motivation to Mark. I don’t exactly remember the exact moment of the invitation to the rest of my writers; however, that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful to all 30 of you. Each of you have submitted great works to the publication. I know not all of them got the recognition they deserve, and some of that is my fault as owner and editor - for that, I apologize. The social media pages have gained a small following, though I wasn’t dedicated enough to showcasing the talent of the writers outside the biggest reviews. I’ve never been well versed in maintaining a social media presence. Regardless, I hope you all will find it worth your time to submit as we would love all the content we could get. If not, thank you for all that you’ve provided to Modern Music Analysis.