Billie Eilish releases Lost Cause music video

Billie Eilish has released another single from her album, "Happier Than Ever". If this music video is any indication, it certainly looks like she is happier now more than ever. She seems to be having fun surrounded by her peers, a staunch difference than in her former music videos.

As we approach the release of Billie Eilish's second studio album, releasing July 30, 2021, excitement builds with the announcement and the immediate selling out of her world tour that will take place from February to July in 2022.

Does this album and music video signify a new era for the young artist? While the accompanying video is upbeat and fun, the lyrical subject matter and the manner in which Eilish sings is still reminiscent of her earlier music. Perhaps her style hasn't yet translated to create the upbeat party music we see from other pop artist. Regardless, "Lost Cause" and her earlier released "Your Power" serve as a reminder of greatness this artist produces alongside producer/brother Finneas.