Buy Your Ticket to Kissland: An Euphoric Ride

A review of The Weeknd’s debut studio album

alternate cover of Kissland

From here, you are entering Kissland, an album filled to the brim with excitement and amusement (like a theme park) combined with a sense of 80’s euphoria. In the debut studio album by The Weeknd, we travel through the psyche of drug riddled lover along with a paid dancer/prostitute as they acid trip their way through love and sex. Set to the dystopian tune of Blade Runner, the pop superstar keeps us on our toes the entire way. Keep your hands and feet inside at all times and enjoy the read!

Upon my first listen of this album a few years ago, I thought it was one of, if not the worst, album in The Weeknd’s discography. The slow and seemingly dark nature of the album didn’t spark much interest in my teenage mind. Admittedly, this wouldn’t be the album I played if I were introducing someone to The Weeknd. However, over the p