Deep Sea Diving: A Spotlight on Frank Ocean

The observation of Frank Ocean as an artist and a person

frank ocean portrait

He doesn’t speak often, but when he does, he tugs at our heart strings. Hailed by some as the “savior of R&B”, Frank Ocean mixes a soothing berceuse with experimental production to create some of the staples of modern R&B music. Who is this recluse and when will we hear more?

Let’s Be Frank

Frank Ocean can perfectly capture what its like to experience love in contemporary society. Seemingly just out of reach, love continues to elude Ocean in his music. Listening long enough will leave you with a longing for a romantic partner as well. However, this artist isn’t just limited to the topic of love. He also speaks on addiction, life after natural disasters, sexuality and relationships, and occasionally religion (or lack thereof).

A lot of Ocean’s work is reminiscent of former relationships and earlier phases of life. According to, the album Blonde, is a reflection of his early life and is said to contain the duality of l