Fine Line - A Review

A review of Harry Styles' second studio album

harry styles posing for album cover
Fine Line Album Cover

The former One Direction member - perhaps the most commercially successful thus far - creates an interesting album in Fine Line that I sort of feel like has a throwback kind of element. Led by singles, "Watermelon Sugar" and "Lights Up", half of this album hit the radio airwaves hard and fast. The powerful, yet calming nature in which Styles' sings creates a deeply personal experience that feels like a Hallmark movie in the summer.

Beginning with "Golden", Harry describes the radiation of a romantic partner as their presence is golden and godlike, similar to the sun. To further hint at a godlike presence, Styles' sees this person almost as a crutch and clings to the idea of a perfect relationship. He feels as if their love is the "antidote" - the end all, be all of the coming consequences.

The summertime vibe, largely, comes from the next song, "Watermelon Sugar". This song is deeply sexual at its core, but due to the high energy nature of the song, many innocently believed that this song was about actual watermelons and other berries. Regardless, this