Limbo: A Review

A review of the sophomore album by Aminé

Limbo, was admittedly, my first in-depth introduction to Aminé. We’ve all heard the radio hits like “Caroline”, but this was the first project of his that I’ve indulged in. From here, we review the sophomore album from the Portland native.

This album certainly has a new school flow to it. Newer rap and hip hop artist tend to “mumble” (a debatable term) and conjoin with a melody in order to appeal to a generic sound rather than being precise in their approach. However, this album differs in the quality and control of the verses. It has this sort of “laziness” to the delivery in some instances but the message is clear and concise. I guess you could consider this a “safe” album given how simple the themes are but even so, I still haven’t stopped listening.

Aminé references several important themes throughout the album that ultimately tie back to the name of the album, Limbo. At first thought, the name could refer to a religious aspect or (by definition) could be a feeling of uncertainty while awaiting