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Doss from Warner Robins, GA

Hello and welcome to a new series by Modern Music Analysis, the Local Artist Series! Recently, I reached out on my personal Facebook to my hometown to highlight some of the hidden talent in the city. This will be the first of several editions and I hope some other writers in the publication would be interested in doing the same in bringing light to their respective cities (if so, get in contact with me).

The first artist I will be highlighting is Mr. Michael Doss. Here is a small bio about the artist provided by them:

“I was born in Cleveland, Ohio — raised in Warner Robins, Georgia. I make music to tell my life experiences from the heart. My motivation is inspiring those who want more out of life and, of course, God, and my family.”

Michael, who I will refer to as Doss, recently released an album titled I Gave My Heart. This is a slow and love-induced album that traverses the inner turmoil of the artist as the result of love (among other aspects), a feeling some are intimately familiar with. The vibe is very similar to a 6Lack or Bryson Tiller album where there is a combination of slow rap and an under-appreciated singing voice that complements the bars well. While Doss does perform quite well, an underrated aspect of the album is the production. It is very mature for a young artist at this stage in their career. Unfortunately, producers often fly under the radar because they aren’t actively singing or rapping on a track (unless you’re Daft Punk or Calvin Harris, etc.).

What makes this album unique is that it feels more like a conversation than it does an album. It feels as if the artist is speaking to the listener than about or to someone. As if we should be traversing and experience the same thing the artist does at the same time. This largely comes from the sentimental nature of each of the songs while there is a conversational tone. These two elements combined reach into the psyche of the listener to call upon a time they experienced similar emotions. The is a hint of melancholy as love seems to be lost; however, this is recanted later in the album with a more upbeat, hopeful approach.

Favorite Tracks: Honey, How I Feel, 2020

You can find this artist on Apple Music with the link below:

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