MMA Local Artist Series Pt. 4

harvest in provence by van gogh
“Harvest in Provence” by Van Gogh is inspiration for Brown’s newest single

Hello and welcome back to another installation of MMA’s Local Artist Series. In this segment, I will be highlighting Cory Brown, from Warner Robins, Georgia, and his newest single “Harvest in Provence”. But first, as always, here is a quote from the artist on the inspiration for the song and his motivation behind it:

“‘Harvest in Provence’ is named after the Van Gogh art piece and so is every song on the upcoming album “self portrait”. This song is about finding peace in the midst of the storm. I freestyled his raw emotions on this track in order to express how I was feeling. I choose the title Harvest in Provence because Van Gogh’s painting was very symbolic to how I grew up on the countryside, also his thick strokes on this canvas are very similar to the way my voice colors tracks. The poem on the end isn’t just me speaking to the listener but me speaking to myself. Barri B’s silk smooth vocals compliments my more aggressive verses to give the audience a feel of how life is to him at that moment in time. […] Honestly when I made this song I felt like the sea from the outside view, it’s calm but underneath, rocky and violent. There was a lot going on but people who don’t know me always think I’m fine. But at the same time frustrations are obsolete; I had to take time to breathe in the midst of my storms.”

In addition to being a talented artist, Cory is also a talented poet as mentioned in the quote and takes place in the last few seconds of the song. Furthermore, the artist has been featured on the radio namely 107.9 The Beat, a radio show based in South Georgia. This up and coming artist may soon take the national radio waves by storm with hyper-analytical bars on introspection and observation of the universe.