MMA Local Artist Series pt. 5

Welcome to another addition of the Modern Music Analysis Local Artist Series! This time I will be covering an old friend of mine, Mishael. While not I won’t be covering an album, Mishael has appeared on albums with another artist I’ve previously featured in the Local Artist Series , Larry Thomas Jr. — you can find more about Larry by clicking here. This edition of the Local Artist Series will likely be the last (from my hometown at least), unless requested otherwise. Here’s a little more from the artist, directly from the source:

“Hey all! My name is Mishael and I am a local musician in the Warner Robins Area. I sing & song-write, and I occasionally produce instrumentals from scratch as a music self-learning technique. My most recent song, Patience, is an upbeat R&B/Soul style that was written by me and produced by my good friend, Larry Thomas Jr., who is a local rapper, producer, and owner of the Music Label “Team Crazy Kids LLC”. My sound is inspired by all genres, ranging from Pop to R&B to Rock, and what motivates me as an artist is expressing my emotions through song. Making music that others can relate to and/or understand allows connections to be made between people from all over the world, and that in itself inspires me to continue writing and singing.”

For as long as I’ve know Mishael, she’s been an excellent singer. Being a winner of multiple talent shows and front runner for choruses, the artist’s exuberance has always been showcased. You can see mostly gospel, R&B, and pop influence in Mishael’s music. You can hear hints of artist su