Scorpion Still Stings

A look at Drake's last full album release, Scorpion

Drake on the cover of Scorpion
Scorpion Album Cover

Continuing the look at Drake's discography while we wait for Certified Lover Boy, I will be inspecting Scorpion. This massive, 25-song double album release has racked up an unimaginable amount of streams and is the last look we have at album mode Drake. It's over three years later and i still find myself listening to this album daily. Since it is a double album, this breakdown will be a bit longer than normal - so, get ready for a long read!

The first half of the album includes 12 songs. Which, if this were released by itself as an album, I would still consider it a classic because it is just that good. It includes legendary song "God's Plan", one of the most streamed songs ever and a key feature from Jay-Z. I find that the first half it is better than the latter half; however, the latter half contains a couple of the best songs on the entire album. That being said, let's dive in.

Disc One