Take Care — Album Review

If you don’t consider Nothing Was The Same as Drake’s best album, it it highly likely that you consider Take Care his best. This is a valid opinion as this album put Drake in a different stratosphere in the hip-hop/r&b world. Take Care is legendary in almost every aspect — from the cover art, to the features and production, and the amount of all time great songs it has. It is a classic in every way. This album is largely emotional and showcases the versatility of the artist by seamlessly flowing between singing and rapping — his trademark symbol of greatness.

One of the greatest things about this album is that it not only launched Drake’s career but a couple other artists as well. Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd were only up-and-coming names at the time. Both made appearances on the album and the rest of the story tells itself. I go more in depth about this specific phenomenon in a story about what I call “The Drake Effect”.

While I could sing every word of this album front to back, I will only be covering what I deem the most important or influential (so I’m sorry if I skip over your favorite song!).

“Headlines” is probably the most recognizable song on the album to the common listener. This song serves as a message to the game, even as a budding star at the time, that he is constantly making headlines. They know this too, whether it be his friends or enemies — they know about him. Despite all the expectations placed upon him, Drake has somehow surpassed and smashed records. Something unique to the album version of the song is the outro poem spoken by Drake, it isn’t in any other version of the song (single or otherwise, not even on the streaming version). Here it is in it’s entirety:

I heard once that they would rather hear about memories than enemies Rather hear what was or what will be than what is Rather hear how you got it over how much it cost you Rather hear about findin’ yourself than how you lost you Rather you make this an open letter About family, and struggle, and it takin’ forever About hearts that you’ve broken, and ties that you’ve severed No doubt in my mind, that’ll make them feel better