Tay-K: Running the Race

Why this 20 year old rapper is serving a life sentence in prison

tay-k holding his own wanted sign
Source: JetlagTV/Instagram

Didn’t Beat the Case, Do the Race

Taymor McIntyre, a young rapper out of Texas, (unfortunately) lived the life that he raps about in his music. After a home invasion in 2016, young Tay-K went on the run — evading a capital murder charge. This is partially because of the courts intent on trying him as an adult. The way the justice system holds black children to a different standard is so obvious, but that’s a quarrel for a different time.

After being tracked down in New Jersey and a lengthy legal process, he was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the murder charge, 30 years in prison for one of the counts of aggravated robbery, and two 13-year prison sentences for the remaining two counts of aggravated robbery (Fort Worth Star Telegram).