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A first look at the collaboration album by artists Tireek and Lonely Leonard

album cover provided by artists Tireek and Lonely Leonard
CROOKLAND album cover

Consider this an exclusive look at the newest album by up-and-coming artists Tireek and Lonely Leonard. In Modern Music Analysis first collaboration with an artist, we break down CROOKLAND — an album that tackles the heaviest and, unfortunately, common topics among black America.

CROOKLAND is the debut collaborative album by artists Lonely Leonard & Tireek. The full-length project is raw, honest, and unapologetic as it tackles issues such as racism, police brutality, injustice, poverty and more. Recorded over a span on 2 years, the album sees the east coast artists spit some of their best and most potent verses which show that they are among the best in their class. However, this is only a sample of the young artists potential.

AmeriKKKan Dream

The mature subject matter in which these artists speak almost is heart-breaking because