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  • A FASHION FORWARD LOOK FOR AN INNOVATIVE WEIGHT: This original black arm sleeve is perfect for people who love a fashion forward and sleek look.

  • WORKOUT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: With these lightweight and flexible sleeve weights, you can wear them anywhere, under your clothes, during any workout or just add a little weight to your walk. We use only the best sweat resistant material for even your hardest workout days.

  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Unlike most specialized workout gear, our Wearable Weights are machine washable. Work hard, burn calories, then simply throw these in the wash—you already worked hard enough!

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKOUT: Each weight can be easily removed by turning the sleeve inside out and pulling back the flap. You can also buy and add more weights to your sleeves for an even tougher workout, or take some out to have an easy day. Both sleeves come with four 0.33 pound weights, a sleeve with all four weights weighs in at about 1.5 pounds.

  • FORMS TO YOUR MUSCLES: For more added comfort, the weights in these sleeves are made from a soft, and non-toxic metal that makes it easy for them to bend and shape with you. Have your best workout with these arm sleeves, that have the added benefit of compression.

  • With these wearable workout sleeves, you can push yourself further without overloading yourself. Our Wearable Weights are a fashion-forward, weighted compression sleeve for the arms. By wearing our sleeves, you add a mini workout to every movement, burn more calories and build more muscle Our products are flexible and can be used in virtually any workout. New science reveals adding even small amounts of weight to your workout will amplify the workload without overload. Alternatively, discreetly wear our sleeves underneath your clothes to the office or out on a walk with some friends—burn calories anywhere! . Traditional arm weights are awkward and hard on your joints, but not ours! Whatever your sport, add Wearable Weights for added intensity and an increased calorie burning experience. Mind-body workouts, especially barre require people to lift their legs and arms with a greater range of motion which old-fashioned heavyweights do not allow—you may even burn 25 to 30 percent more calories by adding a bit of extra weight! Each sleeve comes with four weights, each weight weighs approx. 0.30-0.33 pounds. With all four weights, one sleeve weights about 1.5 pounds.

    Wearable Weights Weighted Black Workout Compression Arm Sleeves - BL1QX4J2X

    Wearable Weights Weighted Black Workout Compression Arm Sleeves - BL1QX4J2X

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